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Spider Veins and Short Shorts Don’t Mix!

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Have you ever noticed people wearing long pants even though it’s 100 degrees outside? It makes you wonder why they don’t just go throw on a pair of shorts. Well, maybe they’re trying to hide unsightly spider veins.

My friend would only wear Capri’s because her legs resembled the picture above. After treating those veins, I actually discovered she had knees! She began wearing shorter skirts and shorts; her whole demeanor and appearance has changed- just from removing those spider veins.

So why if it can make such a dramatic impact, don’t I see more people seeking treatment for them? I believe they just need more knowledge about the procedure and how it works.

The first question I’m usually asked is how to prevent them from cropping up. My answer is, “Sorry, you can’t prevent them. Unfortunately, spider veins are genetic and you inherit them. Unless you had an injury that resulted in a huge bruise that never went away, you’re prone to spider veins if your heredity dictates it.”

But there is positive news- we can easily treat them and diminish the appearance of those red, purple bluish veins dramatically. As long as the veins aren’t bulging and they’re truly spider veins, then an injected solution into them will cause the vessels to ultimately collapse. (Don’t worry, the veins weren’t functioning properly anyway, and so killing them now won’t matter.) Here’s how it works.
A very tiny injection needle filled with a sclerosant (fancy name for a chemical -in this case made up of a very concentrated salt solution) of saline is placed directly into the spider vein. This causes the inner walls of the vessel to dehydrate, forcing its collapse. It will require more than one treatment, and these are best done within a month.
That’s it. It’s easy, relatively painless, and the results can last for years! If the spider veins do come back (blame it on heredity), another procedure can be done.

So, don’t let a little discomfort (and the fact you have to wear hose for three days after the procedure) stop you from having the beautiful spider-free look you desire. And men, though I’ve been addressing the women here-you can get spider veins too! If they bother you, let’s remove them. Don’t worry, I won’t put you in pantyhose- we’ll change the name to compression socks for you manly men! Seriously, Spider Man may be sexy, but you don’t want to literally look like one. Take care of them- you’ll look younger and feel more virile if you do.

So what are you waiting for? You could be spider-vein-free in a few weeks. Follow it up with shopping. Go buy that new summer wardrobe of miniskirts and short shorts you were always too self-conscious to wear. Trust me- you’re going to look great!

Enlarged Pores Are Not Pretty

skin pores

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Do your pores appear to get larger every year?Or is it just your imagination?

First, the Bad news- Yes, pores do enlarge as we get older. It happens for the same reasons we develop wrinkles. Our skin has thinned out, lost collagen, and lost its former elasticity. Those things combined means our skin is less competent at closing our pores. So, that’s why you’re noticing them more as you’ve aged.

Now, the Good news! There is something that can be done. Though there is no magic cream you can buy at your local drug store, you can find help.Let me show you the light!

Pores can be shrunk with light sources and lasers. You may have heard me talking about IPL treatments before. It stands for Intense Pulsed Light and it helps minimize pores by pulsing infrared frequency to your skin. This procedure penetrates a bit deeper than lasers, but it does so to cause a contraction (yes- a shrinking effect). It then spurs on collagen re-growth in the pores. IPL’s may cause a slight discomfort during treatment, but it’s over quickly. The other option you can use to reduce pores is by using a Laser. Cutera’s Laser Genesis is an Nd:YAG laser which promotes collagen re-growth, treats oily skin, and …wait for it…it is painless! So if you’re tired of looking at pores you feel are too large, don’t wait any longer. Stop being a “poor loser and just accepting it as part of the aging process.” You can fight them, and win the battle against large pores.

Celebrity Nightmare Lips


Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Why do some women think you can never get enough of a good thing? I may agree with that on some things, like chocolate and LV handbags, but not when it comes to your lips! Ladies, here’s a tip- Don’t puff up your pout if it makes you look like a trout!

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. So why are so many women, especially well-known previously beautiful celebrities doing this to their faces? What are they thinking when they look in the mirror? I’ll tell you what I think- I think they look like Amphiprioninae. What is that you ask? Well, it’s the scientific name for Clown Fish! Those lips, those cheeks, the colorful makeup and hair…it all fits. In an underwater world, these qualities would be considered beautiful, but obviously we’re not talking fish here, we’re talking human ladies who have simply swam too far upstream looking for beauty fixes.

So why can’t they see what we all see? Maybe they’ve become addicted to the change. I find myself convincing clients they may need to “slow down’ on their cosmetic enhancements. Many times the thrill of seeing their face transform is addictive and they want to keep chasing the thrill. As these procedures wear off, they naturally want to experience it all over again. That is when they must be reminded that less is more.

Lips should be soft and natural looking. The shape can be enhanced, and most women do lose their fuller lip shape as they age; so it’s nice when enhancement is done correctly. But enhance them, don’t enlarge them to the point we’re looking at Duck Bills, Platypus pads or blubbery protrusions that look like you were stung by several thousand lip-seeking bees.
In addition to lip blow-ups, I’m seeing an increasing amount of protruding cheeks. And I’m talking about extended face cheeks here, not the kind hidden in their spandex leggings. Women really should remember that cheeks should not protrude forward- we’re not landing a plane here. Your cheeks should be an oval that extends from behind your eye on the side and ends before reaching the center side of your face. That creates a nice beautiful cheekbone, not the unhealthy unnatural looks we’re seeing in some celebrity cosmetic procedures.

Lastly, I know that these women couldn’t have done this to themselves alone. Someone actually was willing to create these atrocities. Make sure when you seek a professional to enhance your lips or cheeks that you describe exactly what you want…and even more precisely what you don’t want. Face it- you want to look great, not like Shark bait.

Face “Sagging”?

Radiesse before and after


Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Radiesse can achieve a natural look!
Many people ask about Facial Fillers. Here are all the answers in an easy to understand format:
Who is it for?
Anyone who wants a natural looking lift and softness to their face.

What exactly is it made of?
Dermal filler, such as the popular Radiesse, is made of calcium-based microspheres that are suspended in a water-based gel.

Where can I get it done?
You can come see me, Dr. Bonnie Marting, or seek out a professional facility that has trained technicians experienced in administering Radiesse.

You can do it whenever you want to erase the lines that have built up. The results are immediate and long-lasting.

Why should I have it done?
To erase the lines and grooves made by age and gravity.

How is it applied?
An expert will inject the product via a tiny needle into the area.

If you want to restore a healthy, youthful appearance that defies your age and the pull of gravity, then you should consider Radiesse. Enhance your beautiful smile by removing those furrowed, grooved, embedded lines that make you look older. Not only will you look younger, you’ll feel more confident causing you to smile even more- without the worry of smile lines!

Speaking of no worries- with Radiesse, it’ risk free. Radiesse has been used and tested for years. There is no risk of allergic reaction, and when the calcium spheres do eventually break down over time, they are simply absorbed into your body naturally. This is because Radiesse breaks down into calcium phosphate- a normal blood chemistry already in your body.

Radiesse is a long-lasting filler that works with your own body to create a more natural softness and lift. Because the calcium spheres degrade slowly, your body fills in the gaps left by the now-absorbed gel with new, healthy collagen that is tight and elastic. With this procedure, you can achieve everything from minor wrinkle reduction to the replacement of lost volume that took years to accrue.

And the best part- the results are immediate

Laser Hair Removal For Men

mans back hair removal

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Many men are afraid to take off their shirts in public-and it’s not because they haven’t been working out, or worry about their beer gut. They may be exceptionally built, good-looking, and even downright sexy…so what gives?

Quite simply- it’s just too hairy an experience!

Hair or lack thereof, is an extremely personal decision. But if you look in all the Cosmo’s and Glamour magazines, you don’t see a sexy model saddled up to a man with a mountain of hair on their backs. (Unless it’s cascading down from their scalp like the Green Bay Packers’ Clay Matthews).

Men understand this. They even know that many women equate hair with virility, high testosterone and other things. Magnum made a hairy chest popular back in the 80’s, while David Hasselhoff and Chris Daughtry still look great showing those hairy pecs. But that’s where it usually ends- once the hair travels past the sides and up and back again, women start to look away. Women appreciate a well-groomed, “smooth” surface when cuddling. Yes we may want to feel like we’re taming a monster, but we don’t want to actually feel like we’re with one.

So, what is a guy to do? Genetics is why he’s hairy. He really has no control over it- until now! So men, take heart- laser hair removal could be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

It doesn’t matter why you want the hair gone- maybe your girlfriend is tired of brushing it, or maybe you’re an athlete and prefer the reduced resistance of smooth skin. The point is you can do something to greatly reduce and possibly remove almost all that back hair!

I get asked if it hurts. Probably not as much as your pride when someone asks if they can braid your back. But seriously, there is some discomfort associated with laser hair reduction.
Hair removal is very popular now and if you do the research and ask the right questions before scheduling your appointment, you’ll be sure to find the best and least painful option for you. It even matters what type of skin tone you have. If you have light colored skin, the Alexandrite laser is the best option. But if you have darker skin but lighter hair, the Nd:YAG laser is best.
Though both can be uncomfortable and require several visits, each time gets easier as there is less and less hair to remove. When asking about their lasers, ask if it’s fast or slow. A full back treatment can take at least a half an hour with a fast laser, so you want one that will get you in and out in the fewest minutes. Ask questions about who will perform the treatment. Are they experienced, how do they guard against burning? Do they use numbing agents? Some states can pull a person off the street to operate the lasers and no training is required- make sure you are going to someone qualified to do it correctly.

Many spas, hair removal sites, dermatologists and plastic surgeons are now offering laser hair removal. Many are offering deals in this economy to help offset the cost of those expensive lasers. Still, don’t be surprised if more than a few thousand dollars is shelled out over the series of treatments- especially if you’re really, really hair back there. (Pun intended) But the question you have to ask yourself is- “How great would it be to not have back hair any longer? Would I feel sexier? Would I be less self-conscious? Would I like the way I look if it were gone? If you answer yes to any of those questions, you may be buying yourself more than just a hairless back- you may be buying yourself some confidence and higher self-esteem. And that is something you can’t put a price on.

Branding Your Own Identity

Self confident lady

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Do you have a certain “style” in your outfits that fits your individual personality? I call it your Brand. Advertisers are notorious for appealing to consumers by creating an image, an identity, something that causes the “it” factor to shine so that you not only recognize it, but can relate to it or buy it.

People are like that too. We all have our own brand- some good, some bad. For instance, if you spend all your time in sweatpants (and you never work out), a T-Shirt, your hair pulled back in a ponytail and no makeup- then that’s how people see you. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is your perception- but I’d like to have a little more personality shining through than merely “au-natural”. Why? Because your brand in this case may cause others to see you as apathetic and lazy. I want them to see someone who appears confident, feels fabulous, and exudes a unique character!

Many people had never heard of Kate Middleton, the Princess to Prince William before they married. But now every time you open up a celebrity magazine you’ll see her, her clothes, what hat she’s sporting, and the jewelry she’s donning. Much ado has been made about her fashion sense, and now others are mimicking her style she so easily displays. And her closest confidant’s will tell you that she has always carried off this pristine style (think again, BRAND). Obviously, we can’t all afford to brand ourselves as a Princess, but we can discover our own inner personality and make that apparent.

How do you do that? First, choose an outfit that shows your brand. One of my patients always wears light, flowing white clothing…usually a beautiful linen blend. No matter how hot, sticky, cloudy or wet the weather is outside, she always creates an air of invigorating freshness whenever she walks in. She is simply crisp, cool and lovely! Wow- wouldn’t you like people to say that about you when you enter a room?

It can happen. Go find a color and an outfit you feel great in. One that makes you happy, gives your skin a natural glow, and is comfortable. It doesn’t have to be bright turquoise. Some people look and feel great in Black. It’s your identity- no one else’s. Wear what makes you feel and look positive.

Once you’re dressed, look at how you carry yourself. Your posture speaks volumes. Walk with your back straight while resting slighting on your back hips. This screams self-confidence. Practice this at home until it becomes second-nature. Avoid walking slumped over with rounded shoulders and head down. This gait has the opposite effect; reeking of desperation, worry and low self-esteem. Chin up- Back Straight- Chest out- I know, I sound like a drill sergeant, but you only need to look at a Marine to know what I’m talking about when I say -walk the talk!

Another thing to look at besides clothing and posture is your hair. Hot muggy weather is a problem in South Florida. Frizziness has been the downfall of many beautiful hairstyles that looked great in front of the vanity only to curl and kink up after a few minutes in the heat. If heat and humidity are part of your everyday life, it may be time for a Brazilian Keratin treatment. (No, I didn’t say Brazilian Wax- we’re not talking about waxing your head so you look like a shaved Brittany Spears). A Brazilian keratin treatment takes an hour and a half but leaves your hair smooth and silky. It takes the guesswork out of how to control that hair. And now, with all the advancements in hair care, the treatments don’t have the awful smell that used to be associated with them. You’ll end up with luxurious, manageable, frizz-free hair- no matter what the weather’s like!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start impressing them with a new enhanced image- discover and promote your Brand! New colors, better posture and fabulous hair- you could have a whole new persona in no time. Then you really will enjoy your weekend plans!

“Pucker Lines” Around The Mouth?

before and after, puckered lips

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

I frequently get clients in my office complaining about the lines around their lips. The lines that seem to resemble spokes of a bicycle wheel are commonly associated with “smokers’ mouth,” but anyone, smoker or not,  can get these wrinkles.

Even women in their early 30’s can acquire these fine lines. They develop from the normal puckering we all do. If you make that face often enough, those lines eventually become permanent. When I explain this, I often get confused looks. They equate puckering with kissing or smoking. So if your love life has been nonexistent and you’re tobacco free, but you still have wrinkled lips-consider yourself a great Thinker! Seriously, pensive people create wrinkled lips.

Even when we sleep, we’re still thinking, and when we’re thinking, our mouth is using muscles that create that pensive, puckered look. Since you obviously cannot turn off the ability to think, (though I believe anyone with teenagers would argue that point), what other ways can you delay or remove the wrinkled look from your lips?

One way is to simply be more aware of your facial expressions and try to stop making unnecessary animations when reading, studying, working on the computer, and talking. You can’t help what you do when you’re asleep, but you can be aware of it while you’re conscious.

In the past, skin treatments using heavy-duty lasers were able to treat the area but left a whitish appearance on the targeted area. This hypo-pigmentation drew even more attention to the upper lip and so it’s not used very much today.

So here’s a near-perfect treatment I call the “Lip Rescue”. It’s a combination of carefully placed filler such as Radiesse, Botox, and a moderate peel. Your wrinkled lips can be nearly eliminated with this treatment plan. By using a retinoid or glycolic, we can turn your cells over faster and increase your skin’s dermal depth. This creates skin thickness (see there is something to be said for having thick skin) and now it will look healthier, and smoother. When this happens, your mouth lines will diminish greatly.

If coming to see me to iron out those wrinkles is not possible, make sure that when you choose a practitioner- they’re a skilled expert at placing Botox in this area of the face. You don’t want too much around your mouth placed incorrectly or the results can be disastrous- and it can last for over a month! That’s a long time to have people staring. If they’re going to stare, have them do it because you now have a sexy, wrinkle-free smile! You’ll be stoked, not spoked!

Wrinkle Relief without Botox?

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Every now and then I’ll get asked if wrinkle removal around the eyes is possible without using Botox. They want the lines to disappear but for whatever reason they don’t want to use Botox or Dysport.

This is a good question, though the answer is a bit tougher. See, the beauty of Botox and Dysport is they work by stopping the muscle movement that causes the wrinkles to appear. If you don’t stop or at least minimize that movement, the lines will continue to form. And as we age, our skin loses our hydrating body lubrication (hyaluronic acid) that allows our skin to literally slide over our muscles. When that liquid is gone, the skin begins to adhere and actually cling to the muscle underneath. That is what causes our skin to look wrinkled- it has actually taken on the shape of the contracted muscle.
This is most obvious on our foreheads, around the eyes, and on the chin.

So if you want to see a reduction in the wrinkled appearance on your face, certain changes must occur. First, a product to increase new skin production is essential. Most of us have heard of Retin-A by now. Retinoids like Retin-A and Tazorac speed up this process and increase your skin’s depth. Many people think it thins. That’s a misconception -it thins the epidermis but thickens the actual skin depth. Imagine your bed is made of sticks and straw all woven together to create a mattress. Now which would you rather have lying over that mattress?- a thin flimsy sheet that shows every stick and straw poking underneath it or a fat downy comforter which floats above the mattress, not giving way to the sticks and straws underneath? I liken our skin and faces to that. When it comes to our skin, thicker is better!

Other great items to use with Retinoids are Apha-hydroxy acids and micro- dermabraisions. These three things coupled with good nutrition contribute to better skin. You may find the most difficult part in battling wrinkles is not in getting treatments or buying products, but in actually training yourself to make less animated movements with your face. The more expressive your face, the more wrinkles you’re likely to develop. (I should do a self-help seminar for Mimes. I bet they get lots of wrinkles!)

Another thing to note is how fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm can help facial lines. These aren’t great for fixing crow’s feet but they are super for the vertical lines (Angry 11’s) that crop up between your eyes.

I hope I’ve answered your question on ways to reduce eye wrinkles without Botox. But I do hope you’ll consider the significant difference these products are making in facial rejuvenation today. It’s because they work. Regardless of the route you take to combat those wrinkles, take good care of your skin and you’ll look beautiful naturally, with or without them.

Immediate Sunburn Relief


Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Though athletes may like to say, “Feel the Burn,” when you’re sunburned, this is not what you want to hear. You want answers and you want them yesterday. You want to know how to take away that searing heat and tenderness that your skin feels. Let’s face it- a sunburn hurts. I know, I live in South Florida, and see it all the time. People forget to wear sunscreen and even on a cloudy day can find themselves resembling a lobster by nightfall.

Ever hear the expression- “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.” Well, try it. You’ll be amazed at the relief you’ll feel in about half an hour if you take 2 aspirin (325 mg). Ibuprofen (Motrin) will not have the same pain-relieving effect at alleviating your discomfort. After taking the aspirin, apply a topical antioxidant. I like Pro-Heal from I S Clinical, or Intense Recovery Treatment from Revale’ Skin Care. You will immediately feel relief. The other great thing about using these products is you may save your skin from the ugly side effects that sun damage from UV rays can cause you later on.

Ok, so now that I’ve told you about how to seek relief from the burn, let me ask you a question- “What were you thinking?” If you know there’s the possibility you’ll be outside, especially in the summer time, please keep sunscreen on you or at least have it accessible. If you still fail to remember this, move around a lot. Don’t stand or sit in one place where one exposed area can get too much sun. A little sun on a lot of you is better than a lot of sun on a smaller area.

If you do find yourself with a bad burn, you’re more than likely going to peel. Do Not Pick It! Resist the urge to help your skin along. Really, it doesn’t want you to. The skin that hasn’t lifted yet is more susceptible to recurring damage. Your skin has a natural repair procedure. Let it do it the best way it knows how.

Lastly, try to wear a hat. Protecting your face with a hat is a must! There are some chic styles out now. If you want something you can fold up easily and carry with you, consider checking out Coolibar.com. They travel well and you can pull them out as needed. Other protective clothing is important to wear as well- especially if you’ve previously been diagnosed with skin damage. Most sports stores now sell UV Protective clothing. For the ones nearest you, just google UV protective clothing.

Remember, have fun in the sun- but be conscious of its ability to damage the largest organ in your body- your skin! Take care of it and you’ll enjoy many more sun-filled days without pain and agony!

The Right Sunscreen Will Keep You Beautiful For Life


Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Over the years, Fashion magazines and celebrities have touted that Tan is beautiful.

They show bronzed models sporting healthy, glowing tans while frolicking on a sandy beach. What they often don’t tell you is that most of these tans were sprayed on for the photo shoot, and a model that truly cares about her skin would never go out without sunscreen. They know their skin and appearance is their biggest asset. If they abuse it, they could end up with a major skin cancer.

So why do so many of us abuse ourselves in the sun? Though the medical field has tried desperately to inform the public about the damages of sun exposure and skin cancer, I still see people everyday coming into my office with sunburns and repeated sun damage. Living in South Florida, I’m amazed at how many women don’t wear sunscreen. I recommend using a combination of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide when you know you’ll be in the sun. And don’t just take my word for it- Rebecca Sutton, PhD, is an environmental chemist and graduate of Berkeley- she also agrees with me. She claims that if you want to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays (the UVA and UVB) you need to choose these two ingredients.

Could I possibly have Skin Cancer?
If you burned as a child or a teenager at least three times, you’re much more likely to develop skin cancer. It’s hard to believe that burning when we were a toddler could put us at a greater risk for carcinoma later in life, but unfortunately it’s true. And if you used a tanning bed or were a frequent sunbather, your risk has been exponentially raised.
What that means to you is when you hit your 40’s and 50’s, your skin can take on a much different appearance than if it had never been exposed. You could begin to see blotchy, rough, slightly reddened and even yellowish tints to your skin. (This yellowing is known as actinic bronzing). These changes not only affect the appearance, but the texture as well. Your skin will feel rough and may flake and scale. The dry patches may clear up, flake off, and then reappear again. This is known as Actinic Keratoses, or pre-cancers.These dry peeling areas can attack your lips as well. Chap stick doesn’t do the trick, no matter how much you apply. Your lips may start to become dry, and bumps and patches form that are raised and crusty. This is known as Actinic Chelitis or Solar Chelitis in medical terms. Other common names like Farmer’s lip and Sailor’s lip have also been coined. Because I live in Palm Beach and see so many women in my office with this condition, I call it Tennis Babe Lip. It is not pretty, and you will want to treat it. Otherwise you run the risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma. There are ways to treat Tennis Babe lip. Small lesions can be removed by freezing them with liquid nitrogen. Or you could opt for surgical removal. Laser therapy is also a popular treatment plan. Please ladies, protect those lips. Wear a lip protection balm that has sunscreen in it when you’re outside.

Does this mean my favorite sunblock hasn’t been protecting me?
Look at the ingredients in your sunscreen. If it doesn’t have zinc and titanium, then you’re not getting what you need for skin protection. The reason zinc and titanium are so effective is because they don’t degrade like all those chemicals in popular lotions and sprays. One would think that a sunblock should be resistant to light and heat, since that’s what it’s meant to guard against, right? Well, Zinc and titanium are physical blocks, not chemicals, so they don’t break down. And the best part is you don’t have to use the colored zinc sticks that many smart parents paint their kid’s faces with. You also don’t have to appear pasty with the white formulas. Today’s formulations are now micro-fine and can be transparent. Use it every time you go outside- there is nothing better for your skin’s protection!
If I get a base tan from a tanning bed, I’ll protect myself from burning.
Unfortunately, the above statement is one of the worst public misconceptions about tanning. Tanning Salons only cause you more damage. Tanning via bulbs does not have any redeeming healthful or protecting powers. A base tan is a myth fabricated by Salon owners to make you think it’s smarter to visit them before heading outside. Dangerous UVA and UVB rays will wreak havoc on your skin no matter how you acquire them. But because many people believe the myth, that tanning beds are safer, they may spend more time in front of these rays causing much more damage. They believe they’re less likely to burn and thus soak up more rays. They may wear less sunscreen and acquire more skin damage. This can result in making you look old way before your time. It also will result in many more frequent visits to your dermatologist. Do yourself and your skin a favor- stay out of tanning beds and always wear the right sunscreen when you’re outside. You will look better, live healthier, and be much more beautiful in the years to come.

Melasma Is Not Easy To Deal With

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

The first thing I ask women who come in my office with patches of discoloration on their faces is, “Could you be Pregnant? or the other extreme, “Are you Postmenopausal and receiving progesterone treatments?”

These questions are asked because hormone changes in the body are known to create what is commonly referred to as “The pregnancy Mask.”
Once those factors are removed, we can begin to look at the other main reason that Melasma occurs- Sun exposure.

I receive the majority of melasma complaints during the fall season when most people begin staying in more, and start losing their tan and realize their face has gotten excessively darker in places. The patches have become more apparent as the rest of their skin lightens up, and now they want a fix. That’s where I come in. But first you need to realize that Melasma can be an unruly animal and must be dealt with accordingly.

Many topical Retinoids (Retin-A, Tazorac, and Differin) used with a lightening cream (hydroquinone) – Try saying that five times fast…will help pull some of the darkness out; but it won’t remove it completely. One popular ready-made combo is called Tri-Luma and though it works on lightening the area, as soon as you get back in the sun, that topical cream will lose the battle. The discoloration will return.

It’s quite ironic to think that the best way to treat Melasma is with a Light Treatment. I tell people that the sun’s bright rays got them here, and now I want to light them up with an IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light) to help them. Right now, this is the gold standard for Melasma treatment.

I must note that if you had IPL and the discoloration returned because of vascularization (when new blood vessels form in the skin), there are ways to prevent that from happening. Many technicians are going one step further and targeting the vessels immediately after an IPL treatment with a vessel laser. This is done by using the appropriate laser designed to target the vessels and requires one treatment only (you still need follow up visits to check the vessels). It has a target of hemoglobin which contains the 1064nm frequency needed. (Without getting too clinical on you, this basically means we treat the skin and the blood vessels underneath it.)

Other things you must realize if you’re prone to melasma is you must wear excellent sunscreen. You may also need to take a stabilizing hormone if your progesterone or estrogen levels are too high. (This is why pregnant women are more susceptible to Melasma- our hormones are all over the place during these months.)

You also may be simply genetically predisposed to having melasma. Those with a darker complexion and darker eyes are most often affected.
The pictures above feature a woman of Latin-Italian descent who displays melasma. One day after the treatment, you’ll notice a “sunburned look”. This is normal. See the picture from 10 days later and you’ll see the amazing difference.

The last thing I want to leave you with is some good news. Melasma is not life threatening or dangerous in any way. It is simply a discoloration of your skin due to uneven pigmentation based on the melanin you are producing. We can help you diminish the appearance of it if it bothers you. But at least you can sleep calmly knowing it really is on the surface and not dangerous to your health.

Deal or No Deal? — Cosmetic Dermatology Costs

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Many factors determine the price of cosmetic dermatology procedures. Obviously we all want to keep our costs down when paying for injectable services- but careful consideration must be taken! Let’s be honest- we are talking about your face here. Generally if you pay for a KIA, you’ll get a car that looks, feels and drives like a Kia, not a Mercedes. Cosmetic Procedures aren’t much different. You get what you pay for and this is evident in not only the product itself, but also the provider, the overall office experience, and most importantly- the results you see in the mirror.

Now with that being said, it doesn’t mean that the most expensive prices net you the best service. So what’s a consumer to do? I simply suggest asking. There are Bargains to be found.

Because of increasing competition between vendors like Medicis and Allergan, deals are being offered. Also, due to today’s economy, plastic surgery services have been hard hit. This downturn in operative procedures has made injectible services more important in offsetting a Dr.’s losses in plastic surgery revenue. Some suppliers are partnering with offices to offer consumer incentives. My office does this frequently. Other times, an establishment may offer lower prices to simply undercut the competition. We never do this! If a practitioner wants to know what someone else is charging, and will base their price to you on that figure, RUN. They are desperate and care far more about their bank account than they do about how you are going to look.

So, how do you know what to do to get a fair price? Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask your friends who they have confidence in. Ask your family where they go to for beauty services. Then call those places and ask them if they have any specials going on. Some offices that do higher volume may get rebates from the vendors for selling their products. In many cases these rebates will be passed along to the patient, resulting in better discounts for you. Ask if that’s a possibility whenever you call regarding the procedure you’re wanting.
If you walk into an office loaded with information, you’ll be able to determine if the price you’re being quoted is a fair, and sometimes even Great deal. As long as you know what questions to ask about your procedure before you pull out your pocketbook, you can feel comfortable and safe in knowing you’ve picked the right technician and the right office.

Note- Beware of any receptionist who won’t give you a rate over the phone. If they tell you that you should come in to get a price, look elsewhere. Every reputable office should have published prices somewhere. And if they really have a special to give you, shouldn’t they be able to tell you what it is? They should at least be able to give you the discount percentage over their regular rates in a telephone conversation? Why should you have to waste your gas and time to go to their office just to discover what they charge?

Lastly, if you see prices from an unfamiliar or brand new office posted that simply look too good to be true, it would probably be smarter to stay away. We all read in the papers how medical locations are closed for operating without a license, using untrained staff, or (what’s even scarier) administering the wrong product- simply to save a buck. Don’t be one of those who find out from a news report. Stick with who you trust. This is your face after all. And some deals are just no deal at all!

Celebrities Get Paid To Endorse Products

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

I know you realize that advertisers who use a celebrity, do so to gain product fame and notoriety. This tactic has been around for years- ever since marketers realized that the average consumer trusts and respects certain famous people. If you buy a product merely because you believe the spokesperson, then you have proven their point.

Remember how at one time everyone wanted Tiger Woods to endorse their product. It was like, if Tiger uses it, it must be great. But as soon as people read negative things about him in the paper, advertisers started dropping him from their campaigns. They felt his endorsements might actually hurt their sales if people aligned the image of their product up to the image of the Tiger Woods.

So what’s a consumer to believe? I mean seriously, did the leaders at Pepsi really believe that Gatorade drinkers would stop chugging Gatorade’s Tiger Focus drink because he was unfaithful?

I honestly don’t know what they thought privately, but I know he lost endorsements from some huge companies. The point is- advertising needs to be more honest. But- that is unrealistic. Great idea, but not very likely to happen overnight.

Don’t expect total transparency. It will never happen. Advertisers spend too much money to simply put the facts out there and expect you to make an informed decision as to whether to purchase or not. That would be too easy, right? But changes are coming.

A new regulation proposed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will significantly affect the way advertisers and endorsers are allowed to operate. Once this is adopted, you can expect many subtle differences. According to Andrew Lustigman, a New York Attorney who represents direct marketers, media and internet companies, and advertisers as a whole, these changes are to be in effect to give further protection to the consumer from misleading testimonials and endorsements.

What that means in a nutshell is you may start hearing more disclaimers at the end of ads. They’ll be forced to report and describe typical results seen. Right now they’ve been allowed to show the most extreme examples of success and then flash words across a screen saying, “Results may vary” or have an announcer talk so fast that you can’t understand his disclaimer. Now they’ll be required to truly reveal a typical result. And typical will mean you, the average user, can expect to see.

The bottom line is expressed in the words “evidence based”. In other words, don’t just show me a photo of someone who looks better, show me the results from the study. And, the study needs to represent a cross section large enough to be meaningful and be performed by an independant source. That’s important.
Personally I’m all for more honesty in advertising- especially in skin care products – even it means I won’t be seeing as many of my favorite celebrities anymore.

Beautiful Lips without Surgery!

perfect lips

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

If we’re brutally honest with ourselves, most of us were not blessed with naturally full, gorgeous lips like the ones adoring Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johanssen. And the worst part is, as we age- lips only get thinner. So, what’s a girl to do? Most people, especially men, are fascinated by lips. The mouth historically has been associated with sexuality and reproduction. In early Egyptian records it’s been reported that Cleopatra wore bright colored lipstick to entice Julius Caesar with her red luscious lips. Times haven’t really changed much since then.

Lips come in all shapes and sizes. Following our teen years, our lips begin to lose their fullness and volume. This depletion continues throughout adulthood, until depending on our age- we can be left with mere lines adorning our faces.

Thankfully we can alter this process and re-create the youthful full lips we had as a teenager. The best time to alter this is when the volume loss begins. As in the picture below, a more pronounced Cupid’s bow was immediately achieved with Restylane.

You can also acquire more upturned corners, and a fuller pout on the bottom lip (commonly referred to as a bee sting).

Both Juvederm and Restylane (the preferred fillers for lips) are products made of hyaluronic acid. This is something your body already naturally contains. A gel form of this hyaluronic substance is injected into the lips and because the body recognizes the material, it absorbs it and allows it to remain for an extended period of time. A treatment may last from 6 months to a year.

Should you try it? If you want fuller lips and a more pronounced shape, I say definitely yes. But please make sure you find a skilled injector and ask to see the before and after pictures of previous patients. You want confidence in knowing they can place the Restylane or Juvederm precisely to give you the look you desire.

What should you not try? I don’t recommend implants or injectable silicone. I strongly advise you to stay away from both of these options. You only need to look in a fashion magazine to see some real Celebrity horror shows who have received lip implants and silicone. The possibility of ending up with duckbills is real. And if it’s done wrong, it might not be easy (or even possible) to remove.

Most importantly, ask yourself if you’d like to have a fuller pout and pucker. If so, give it a try. It’s easy, fast and relatively painless. You will see the results immediately! And that isn’t lip service. That’s a fact!

Watch Years Literally Disappear

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Though Sculptra has been approved and used in the US for over five years, many people still haven’t heard of it. Little do they realize that this injectable facial filler is a tried and true collagen booster that allows your skin to naturally reverse the aging process.

Believe me, I know, it sounds too good to be true. But the pictures above show you just how dramatic the results can be. This product stands alone in its ability to improve the contour of your face and eliminate wrinkles.
Sculptra naturally and gently replaces and grows collagen lost over time. Quite simply, using this product will erase years off your face. And it does it in a good, healthy way. Not only does it stimulate collagen, but the newly produced collagen is healthier than what it replaced. That’s because it doesn’t have those nasty free radicals I’m constantly telling you about. This increased growth depends on better vascular function and so nourishment to your skin is amplified.

What does this mean to you exactly? Well for one, less wrinkles and a more youthful presentation. It also results in improved facial contour. As we age, many of us lose the gentle slope that gives our faces the fuller, rounded cheekbones. You can see that clearly below in this beautiful ladies improved appearance. It’s amazing this is the same person.
That’s just how incredible using this filler can be! It doesn’t happen overnight, but it doesn’t take long at all to begin to see the results. You’ll enjoy incredible softness and look great. People will tell you how refreshed and youthful you look.

So remember the name Sculptra. It is the best thing you can use to achieve magical results without plastic surgery!

I Want To Look Great- By Tonight!


Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Living in Palm Beach provides lots of opportunities for high-profile events. Whether it’s a gala, a charity fund-raiser, or a party at one of the many Country clubs, everyone strives to look their best. No matter where you live, if you’ve got big plans tonight you want to do everything in your power to look great.

Since you’ve only got a few hours to get ready and gorgeous, I suggest focusing on your make-up. If you ever check out the beautiful CNN newscasters, you’ll see they always look flawless- no matter what time of day it is, or where they’re reporting from. This is not because of genetics- it’s because of their makeup bag.
Seriously, a great concealer and foundation can remove multiple flaws, minimize wrinkle appearance, and provide you with an almost perfect complexion. While ideally, you don’t want to be wearing heavy make-up all the time; for a special occasion like tonight- it could be a huge life-saver.

I suggest a mineral makeup, such as Glo Minerals. Go to a Sephora store (I find them in every mall I’ve ever visited) and the artists there can help you try on several to achieve the look you’re aiming for. Sometimes the key to looking flawless and carefree is to paint the beautiful canvas known as your face. With a touch of the right make-up, any worry you had that looked monumental at sunrise can be fixed, hidden, and unnoticeable by the time of toasting!

Now go relax and enjoy your night. And don’t forget to smile for the cameras!

Beauty and Your Pocketbook With Botox, Sculptra & More

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

I advise all clients to shop around when they’re trying to choose a provider to do their beauty procedures. Though you’re not exactly car-shopping, many of the same techniques to help you decide should be used. You are looking for comfort, safety, performance and price.

One big exception to that analogy is that we are talking about your face here, so when asking about products, realize that you’re also paying for the security of knowing the medical provider is skilled, the product will be able to provide you with what result you’re looking for, and that the price is something you can accept.

So, with that said- what are some average prices for the most commonly used beauty enhancements? Unfortunately this is a tough question because it varies so much. Lets deal with the most popular treatment first, Botox. In some cases, Botox can vary between $150 dollars to $1,200. This is an extreme difference! Why would one office charge $200 for Botox while another bills you $1200? That’s the type of question that will arise when you do internet searches or even call around in your area for price points. They rarely give you any details, just “special prices.” So what are you to do?

First look at the unit cost. If you ask the office for a unit price, they should be able to tell you. And if you know the unit price and have had the procedure before, you can estimate the total by multiplying that unit cost (say 15 dollars a unit) by the number of units used previously. But that wont help if they charge by the area. Some offices charge by facial areas. Many will say “3 areas covered” in the total price. So if you have a frown line between your eyes, that would be one area, and your crow’s feet (naturally one on each side) would be two more, for a total of 3 areas treated.

Here is a little quick advice: NEVER shop for the cheapest price point then show up for your appointment prepared to only pay that much. Remember, many times if something sounds too good to be true- as in $150 dollars for a Botox treatment, it probably isnt. Many times when you get in the office, the rate changes or suddenly there was a “misunderstanding”. Don’t be so intimidated you just stay. Leave and leave fast.

The new kid on the block in muscle relaxers is Dysport. And it’s an excellent product. Unfortunately Dysport is measured in a different manner, so the advice above regarding units only pertains to the Botox product line. The “by area” price with still hold true with either of them though.
Now lets look at some popular filler guidelines for you to use in your search-

Restylane and Juvederm
You may have seen advertised specials for Restylane and Juvederm ranging between 300 dollars to 700 dollars. Both of these hyaluronic acids will be great fillers for you, but beware if the price touted drops below 300 dollars. Many times a special in this price point has hidden in fine print it is only for a half-syringe. That amount won’t do much unless your needs are for very, very subtle changes. With that said the average price you should expect to see for these products are between $500 and $600 dollars. (It could be a bit more if you’re receiving Perlane or Juvederm Plus because they are larger molecule products).

As I’ve said many times, dont be taken in by the highest prices, but be even warier of the lowest…many times these offices are desperate. An office producing great results with qualified medical providers will never be at a loss for customers!

Sculptra, produced by Sanofi-Aventis, has been around since 2004. Though the cost has decreased slightly in the last 7 years, it is still pricey. Sculptra is sold by the vial (or occasionally by the cc) and the average price is $750 to $900, but I’ve seen it hit the $1500 range as well. The most important thing to remember with this procedure is the competence of the practitioner. Make sure they are experienced and an expert at these injections. In the right hands, this treatment is absolutely phenomenal. The results are not immediate, but they are impressive as they begin to take effect and transform your face making you look younger and more refreshed.

Radiesse is another product released in 2004. Back then, you really didn’t see it for less than $900, but now this robust calcium-based product is sometimes advertised for as little as $500. If you want immediate-effect sculpting, this is a super option. By comparison, a syringe of Radiesse contains 1.55 cc in contrast with the 1 cc you’ll receive in Restylane and .8cc of Juvederm amounts. Though the top of the line Radiesse can still demand $900 dollars, you’ll be amazed at the difference in your appearance. I think you’ll find it is well worth the expense.

In conclusion, whatever you do, don’t shop simply for price. Research the practitioner and their experience; the office and its volume of clients; product turnover (you don’t want anything that’s expired, do you?) and the reputation of the facility itself. In this, as in almost every purchase you make, you ususally get what you pay for. And a good reputation is worth a few extra bucks!

Balance Is The Key To Maintaining Your Weight

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

It seems there is always an excuse to over-indulge- a continual barrage of enticements all year long. During October, all the stores are stocked full of candy for Halloween. During Christmas, you’ll enjoy delicious holiday meals, desserts, and parties. Shortly after that comes New Year’s Eve celebrations followed by Super Bowl parties! Next rolls in Valentine’s Day with tons of chocolate confections and if you’re lucky, a romantic dinner out. About the time you have recovered from that 5 month onslaught, it’s Easter and more family get- fun serving up huge turkeys, glazed hams and sweet potato casseroles. The list goes on and on; so by summer time, we’ve added pounds to our scales and inches to our waistlines.

I’m often asked how to lose weight. People want to be thinner by summer so that when bathing suit season rolls around they can walk confidently down the beach. The truth is- you must maintain and prevent all year long. It is definitely harder to lose weight during the festive months when gorging, heavy drinking, and partying seem to be the norm, but you must plan ahead. Don’t worry, I’m not telling you to avoid food and alcohol, just don’t blimp out! Indulge a little- enjoy the treats and delicious home-made foods. That’s part of what makes the seasonal holidays so special. But be aware of how much is too much and put limits on yourself.

If you decide that you really want that slice of cheesecake, or that second helping of beef tenderloin- then go ahead. But set out to do something to offset it. Like the dreaded word Exercise. I realize it can evoke locker room horror stories if you weren’t the athletic type growing up, but it really can be quite enjoyable. Take a nice jog through your neighborhood. Instead of just walking your dog, try a steady trot. Maybe a bike ride is more your style. In Florida, swimming is almost a year-round option, and a terrific way to stay fit and trim. Many of my friends break down and join a gym. The camaraderie (and gossip) that can be heard on those treadmills is worth the membership fees alone.

The great thing about exercising is you can still indulge but do so without all the guilt or worry. You may find your weight isn’t merely maintained, but actually decreasing. I’ve also learned that if you get it out of the way early, you’ll be more likely to complete your goals and enjoy the rest of the week. The added physical activity can even pull you out of your usual morning sluggishness and spur on those endorphins to really jump-start your day!
Give it a try. That way you can eat without guilt, and still look great walking down the beach or the aisle!

Brand New week means a Brand New You!

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Lots of people hate Mondays. But I look at them as a new beginning; a new week, full of fresh possibilities. Start your week off right by imagining a brand new You. Have you discovered your personal Brand yet? What I call your “it” factor, the one thing that people connect with when they see you. Maybe it’s your humor, your confidence, your ability to be unflappable. Whatever it may be, you should be able to identify it, and own it. But don’t worry if you haven’t discovered it yet, lets work on that together.

So, let’s get started. First, decide what your brand will look like today. In a previous article, we talked about branding for confidence and success. Now we need to fine-tune the concept of who you are, or who you want to be.Pick one thing to work on each week. Just one. Once you’ve decided on that one thing, focus on how you’d like to add to it, or change it, eliminate it, or expand upon it.

Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about-
Maybe you want to be a person who is always punctual. Then work on that all this week. Be conscious of your time, your appointments, the length of your conversations, your commute time, and anything and everything that could keep you from being precise and on time. You’ll be amazed at how a simple thing like time management and proper planning can change your whole week!

Another goal might be to feel prepared for anything! Maybe the last month has thrown you one curve ball after another until you simply feel like if one more thing goes wrong, you’ll crack up and lose it. Don’t let it get that far. Instead, try to imagine all the ways that you can counter an attack head-on. Think up possible “what-if” scenarios and rehearse the different options in your head. If you already have thought about how you’d respond, and the outcome you’d want, then you’ll be less likely to have it backfire. The way you react can totally transform the outcome.

I had a patient do this when she thought her child may be diagnosed with a serious health ailment. She played out all the different scenarios in her head, was able to logically think of questions to ask the doctor, and more importantly was able to calmly look at all the facts from an objective, unclouded place in her mind. That way, when she did walk into the office, she was mentally prepared for whatever outcome he laid on her. She was able to listen and hear him, instead of just answering out of fear and spontaneity. This is what I mean by taking charge of your mind.

You can never control the action- only the reaction, which is your response.
So what one thing do you want to work on this week? Maybe it’s getting back to exercising, losing that last 10 pounds, taking that computer class you’ve been talking about, or finally making amends with an old friend. Whatever it is…you want to choose the one thing that is your most pressing desire.

Don’t worry if you have more than one- we all do- but the point of this is to pick one each week and focus on it. Put this goal on the dashboard of your life. Don’t worry about the others, just like next Monday; they’ll still be there to work on.

So what are you waiting for? (I hope your dream to stop procrastinating hasn’t already failed). Seriously, start now. Set the desires of your heart afloat, and then reel it in and day by day you’ll be able to confront those challenges that have seemed to be just out of reach. Repeat this week after week, and soon you’ll discover a brand new you. Remember, practice makes perfect! A perfect, beautiful you, right now!

How to Tan without Frying

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Which Sunscreen Works Best?
I get asked sunscreen questions a lot, especially from people wanting to know what I personally use here in the South Florida sun. I prefer something that is a physical blocker. I use and recommend products from Fallene, specifically TIZO for the face. TIZO is a non-chemical based sunscreen that contains Titanium di-oxide, Zinc oxide, and Iron. These physical blocks provide long-lasting protection. If you want to remove it, you literally have to wash it off. That’s a plus because it means the block is more resistant to swimming and sweating.

But don’t fool yourself into thinking that with this sunscreen, you can be out for long periods of time and be completely safe. Unfortunately, no matter what they may claim in the fancy advertisements, no sunscreen can protect you the way being indoors (and out of the sun) and wearing protective clothing can. Though I’m sure that wearing a teeny weenie polka dot bikini may be highly cute, it’s not very functional when it comes to shielding your skin from sunburn.

With that noted, I realize we don’t want to spend all our time bundled up hidden behind layers of clothing, or hiding out in our air conditioned homes. We want to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and spend time outdoors. So be smart! Wearing sun block will help protect you, just make sure it’s the right kind and that you reapply it.

What’s the right kind? As I stated earlier, I prefer the physical blockers like Tizo and feel they are the best at true sun protection. This is because they don’t break down in the heat, sunlight or while underwater. They’re your best bet.
What about SPF? What in the world is that anyway?
Good question with a not so easy answer. First ..no matter the SPF, you can’t just apply it once and forget about it! You have to reapply if you are going to be out for an extended time. One reason is because every minute you are out in the sun, you are subtracting points from your SPF. See, the SPF on a product basically tells you how long you can be exposed with their sunscreen on, as opposed to if you were wearing none. So if a sun block has an SPF of 30, it is telling you that you can stay out in the sun 30 times longer than if you weren’t wearing any protection at all. This is still a hard to understand concept- because 30 times longer doesn’t mean 30 minutes, just as an SPF of 8 doesn’t mean 8 minutes. It’s not a great system in terms of knowing how much protection you need, but with everyone’s skin type being so different, it was the best measurement they could come up with.

The other thing a sunscreen can’t tell you is when you need to reapply. Though the directions may read, “every two to four hours”, you really need to gauge it based on how likely you were to have rubbed it off. You must factor in your swim time, your sweating, how much you scratched off when you were bitten by that sand flea, and how many times you brushed the hair away from your face causing your forehead to now be free of lotion.

Obviously, if you have removed some of the sunscreen doing these normal things, you’re going to be less protected and more likely to burn. We’ve all seen the difference on our skin when an area you thought was protected didn’t quite get the sun block you applied everywhere else. I could never get to that place directly below the area between my shoulder blades. I finally realized this spot on my back is now a mandatory husband duty whenever we’re out in the sun. One only needs to see and feel the big red tender area that was missed to know just how much you appreciate all the other places that were covered.

So be sun-smart and use protection often. Not only will you feel better at the end of the day, but you’ll be beautiful right now for many, many years to come.

Invest Wisely For Priceless Beauty

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

It’s often been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
That may be true, but more recently, it is also in the eyes of the bank holder. As in who holds the money. There are many options out there to achieve a younger fresher look-ways to diminish wrinkles and literally reverse years off your appearance- but as we all know, it comes with a price.
So make sure you do the research needed before subjecting your body and your pocketbook to potential damage.

Assess where you are now. Honestly evaluate your age, your skin damage (age spots, melasma, chelitis), the wrinkles, furrows, crow’s feet, dark circles and sagging skin you may have. Do you just have one thing you’re trying to correct? Or do you desire a complete overhaul? Once you’ve decided what you would like to achieve, seek out several sources which can accommodate your treatment plan. By contacting several sources you’ll be able to get varying opinions as well as a timeline and price guide from each provider. I call this To-Do list your treatment plan because it’s rare to have everything you want accomplished in one visit. Obviously if you just need a little Botox or Dysport to remove a brow crease, that’s an easy fix and one visit can do it. But if you have multiple things, then using a combination of procedures like Sculptra, IPL’s, Botox, lasers, and Juvederm may be needed and different appointments scheduled.

Just Because It’s Natural Doesn’t Make It Healthy
Don’t be surprised if while looking for options you discover operations run by general practitioners, chiropractors and therapists who want to offer you a “holistic” therapy. In addition to feeding you the wonders of basic supplements, they may tout you should have holistic cleansing and toxic reducing therapies. Many times their approach at all-natural ways geared to keep you young are far from legit. I’m not saying all of these holistic practitioners are dishonest, but I do advise you to use great caution when considering their claims. Just remember this- Just because things are all natural doesn’t necessarily mean its all good for you. Arsenic is all natural but you don’t want to drink it. Poison ivy is too, but I wouldn’t want to rub it on my skin.

In another article I write about the average costs of treatments that are designed to preserve or revive your youth. This will give you a base with which to work from, but keep in mind that it’s always a great idea to get several quotes. Just keep in mind the single most important criteria you must use to make a choice is the practitioner you will use. That choice is far more important than price.

One thing is certain though, you can achieve excellent results with Restylane, Botox, Dysport , Juvederm, Radiesse, Collagen and Sculptra. With your plan in place, try what will give you the best outcome for you to be Beautiful Right Now.

With the proper plan of action and the right practitioner helping it along, you’ll reduce those signs of aging, and begin eliminating the very factors that created them in the first place.

Then you’ll truly be able to look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I’m Beautiful Right Now.”

A Miracle Cream Without A Prescription.

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

If you’re starting to wake up in the mornings and feel like wrinkles you didn’t see before are suddenly appearing- don’t worry. You’re not alone. Unfortunately if your skin is suddenly appearing dry, sallow, dull and wrinkled, it’s probably not your imagination. More than likely, it was just a matter of time.
I’m sure you’re all saying, “Wow- isn’t she just a breath of fresh air?”

Seriously though, waking up and looking older is not a death sentence! Let me tell you how I’ve been fighting it for years. Great retinoids, anti-oxidants and quality moisturizers are my secret. I’ve explained in previous articles how using this combination will effectively combat the effects of aging and extend your beauty into eternity….or at least close to it.

My Skin Medica Rep, Andrew, knows how I love Retin-a, Tazorac, Differins, and the many other retinoids I prescribe. I have measured the success of these products on patients over many years and always feel they are worthy of the promises they make. So I must admit to being quite skeptical when Andrew told me that I should give Tri-Retinol Complex by Skin Medica a try. He said I would get better effects than what I’d been using.

Here’s what I discovered (unscientifically speaking) – people really started noticing and complimenting my skin! Patients that I only see every three months were coming in and asking what I’d done. Within one week of starting this over my Retin-A (Tretenoin) and Tazorac treatments that I used every day, visible changes were occurring. I was shocked at the number of times people commented on my appearance- even my medical Assistant, who seems me every day, said she noticed the difference. In her words, “It must be that new product you’re using.”

I don’t recommend anything that I don’t personally think will work. Tri-Retinol complex is the first non-prescription cream that I truly believe is worth its weight when stacked up against retinoids. If you want people to start commenting on how great you look, combine this product with another of Skin Medica’s products- the Ceramide Treatment cream. I guarantee you’ll see younger, more glowing skin.

Don’t Let Wrinkles And Lines Reveal Your Years!

before and after

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Look at the photos above. She looks literally 10 years younger. So what was done?

To eliminate the fine lines and wrinkles that had began to surface, a painless, easy cream combination was started. The first was a .025% Retin-A cream that stimulates skin cell turnover, and increases collagen production. This retinoid (Tretinoin) caused her skin to thicken and facilitate better vascularity. Or in layman’s terms, it simply looks and feels healthier after using this. After the Tretinoin, a Skin Medica Tri-Retinol cream is administered followed by the Skin Medica TNS Ceramide Treatment cream. By using these three topical creams, this 38 year old woman was able to get back the glowing, youthful, healthier looking skin she had lost.

Volume Loss
Once her skin was healthier, we needed to put a little volume back in her face. Her previous sun exposure and smoking habit had contributed to an accelerated loss of volume and muscle distortion in her face. That gave her the worn out, drawn down expression you see above. But by adding some Perlane and Resylane to her upper cheeks, the folds around her nose, and the long vertical lines circumscribing the chin (we call these marionette lines), we were able to gently add the look of youth and vitality.

Forehead Lines
The Angry 11’s and crow’s feet were really aging her and causing her to look mad. By injecting Botox and Dysport in both sites, we were able to remove the wrinkles and improve her look to be more beautiful right now.

Uneven Complexion
The years of sun worshiping had taken a toll on her complexion. We used IPL (Intense Pulse Light) followed by the Nd:YAG Laser by Laser Genesis. By applying these two procedures to her entire face, we were able to improve her skin tone and even out her complexion.

As we age, we all lose a bit of our pucker. The earlier we start filling our pout, the easier it is to fill in the lost volume. Since she’s 38, that was a great time to start perking up her lips. We added 1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra and instantly gave her lips a make-over.

Cut it
The last little trick we did was to give her hair bangs. This was a small, easy change, but it took off years and gave her hair a more youthful, bouncy look.
She was ecstatic with the changes. And the best part of this story is how she went to Chili’s that same night and got carded when she ordered a drink! She said she hadn’t been asked to prove her age in years, so she knew the skin treatment did the trick!

Facial Hair Is Not Pretty!

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

There have been some pretty painful attempts to permanently remove facial hair. It’s recorded that in Egyptian civilization it was an ancient art to remove facial hair. That must be why all those men in the Cleopatra movies all have the same smooth cheeks and thick goatee on their bottom chin. I guess that was “stylish” back then. And while goatees may look good on some men, they never look good on women.

When women are approaching menopause, there is a significant drop in estrogen levels. This causes an increase in the DHT of the hair follicles. This increase is what creates the beard-like strands of hair that start protruding from the chin, jaw-line, cheeks and even the forehead of some women.
What procedures have been used in the past to remove unwanted hair? Typically the timeline goes something like this – Plucking, Waxing, Depilatories, Shaving, Electrolysis, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and finally we’ve evolved to the Laser.

There have been many gimmicks and gadgets over the years which have tried to combine some of the more primitive steps. One example is Nair®. This was quite effective, unless you were one of the millions that got incredible skin irritations from the formula. Another gadget seen on thousands of infomercials was the Epilady®. You could almost hear the screams in the night as these women endured the torture of having their hair follicles ripped out by the evil Epilady® spring!

We’ve come a long way since springs and razors ladies! IPL was one of the first light technologies for unwanted hair. The downside to them though is that the frequencies are so broad that it makes it hard to have predictable success. That’s why I’m so happy that Alexandrite Lasers are now available. These lasers have dramatically improved the IPL’s capability and are now the “Gold Standard” of hair removal.

In layman’s terms- the Alexandrite Laser is the actual name of the synthetic gem being used inside a laser. This gem focuses the lasers frequency at a 755 nanometer wave length. For fear of getting too technical, let me just say that this is the best frequency to achieve hair reduction. Alexandrite Lasers are attracted to the pigment in your skin and the best combination for success is if you have lighter skin with darker hair.

Don’t despair if you have light colored hair on your upper lip or other facial areas. There is always another solution. A YAG laser operates on a different frequency and usually reduces the hair growth by more than 50%. This is because, unlike the Alexandrite Laser, the YAG laser is basically color blind. If you are one of the few who have darker skin but lighter hair, a YAG is going to work better than the Alexandrite. Prescriptions are also an alternative. Vaniqua® is a medication you can get from a doctor that inhibits hair growth.

Lastly, (I’d say as a last resort) electrolysis could be tried. It will reduce the amount of unwanted hair over time, but be ready for a slow, painful set of treatments.

Hopefully you’ve educated yourself a bit more about the various techniques to rid your body of unwanted hair. Please realize that lasers are very expensive to buy and maintain. So if the doctor still has old technology, or still has only IPL machines, you may need to look for an office with the latest technology. It is available and effective! Ask before you make that first appointment and you could save yourself a lot of valuable time (and Pain) in the long run.

Sculptra Builds Your Own Collagen

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Many people are starting to talk about Sculptra- its even putting a dent in Plastic Surgeons appointment books. Sculptra is what I call the magic injectable because it stimulates new growth of your own collagen. Over time, your skin will be healthier, the collagen stronger, and your overall look will be fantastic!

Check out the picture above. You can see the dramatic difference that Sculptra made in the contour of her cheeks, her complexion, and the overall firmness and structure. Though it’s not immediate, the results are long lasting. And in only 6 months, you can literally erase 10 years off your appearance. I’ve seen patients that have achieved a 20 year difference from using this product! And the best part is- you’re doing something good for yourself.

Sculptra makes your skin healthier. It helps your own skin generate collagen that is free of harmful radicals. The new collagen gives your face a fuller, more youthful look- and yet it’s all natural. No surgery needed.

So if you’re ready to get great results, then start now by setting up an appointment with a practitioner who is skilled in administering Sculptra. In 6 months you’ll be glad you made that visit! Be sure to send me your Before and After Pictures if you’d like to show others your success, or don’t…We’ll just keep it our little secret!

Still You-Only Younger with Sculptra!


Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

“There’s no way I’m going down without a fight! So if there’s a way to look younger and better, without surgery, then I’m going to try it. I want to prevent the tell-tale signs of aging that are already beginning to show. ”
The above conversation is something I hear frequently from patients. From as early as age 30, women begin to understand their youthful look really does have an expiration date.
And that’s why I love telling them about Sculptra®. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Ever since Sanofi Aventis began airing commercials informing the public about their anti aging product, more and more people have begun asking for it. It’s not a new product, as I’ve been injecting Sculptra® since it first came out in 2004. I’ve literally performed thousands of treatments during that time. It’s just that now, people are actually asking for the collagen filler by name.
So for those of you who haven’t seen the commercials, you’re probably wondering what all the ballyhoo is about. First, let me say what it is not. It is not like Restylane® or Juvederm® because it is not a hyaluronic acid. Sculptra® actually spurs the development of new collagen to the decreased areas of your face. Though it will not give you the immediate results you see with those other two products, which are great in their own right, Sculptra will have a much longer effect once it takes effect.
Sculptra® has lactic acid particles that spur on the growth of healthy, new strong collagen in your skin. The result not only tightens your existing skin, but actually prods your skin into making more collagen. And the new collagen is even healthier than what you lost, because its void of the free radicals that everyday living has subjected our skin to. All those areas that are sinking and making you appear saggy and wrinkled can be replaced with a softer, better, fuller collagen underneath your skin. This new growth generally takes 3 to 4 weeks to see the resulting changes. But the best part is how long it lasts- The effects can last for two years or more!

Just take a look at the before and after pictures and determine for yourself how a little “new” collagen could improve the youthful appearance you’ve been losing. Why wait- you can begin to battle aging and become beautiful right now.

Cold Weather Equals Dryer Skin

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

It’s that time of year again- cooler weather, changing leaves and fireplaces burning. The coats and sweaters are being pulled from the closets and the thermostats are now set for heat. All these changes are great, and a natural part of life. But with the colder weather comes something not quite so attractive- dry flaky skin.

The top layer of our skin consists of dead keratin cells. While this is normal, when our skin is excessively dry, our dead cells look even more shriveled and dried up. Though our dead cells serve a purpose in protecting the skin underneath, when they’re excessively dry, they will suck up much needed moisture from the cells below. You’ll know this is happening if you start shedding, peeling and cracking. This can lead to painful chapping. Not only does your skin hurt, but it looks as bad as it feels. You’ll look old and withered with skin like that.

So how do we prevent dry chapping skin in the colder months? Well a good start is to realize why it happens more at this time of year. It may sound like a no-brainer, but the outside temperatures aren’t the direct reason for your skin problems!

It’s the inside- of our cars, our apartments, the restaurants, our workplaces and our homes that are becoming dryer. Why?-because we run the artificial heat to keep warm. Nothing makes you look older as quickly as dry aged skin.

The best way to make it look younger (and make us feel better) is to replace the skin with moisturizers and retinoids. Use Retin-A, and add a good solid ceramide-based moisturizer that will help replace lost skin oils. Ceramides are a family of lipid molecules found in our cell membranes. When the concentrations of these lipids drop, our skin loses its full, replenished look and takes on the hideous shriveled appearance we never want. That’s another reason why using moisturizers feels so good to our skin. They actually facilitate healing as it soothes the dry layers. Eczema, and that urge to peel and scratch will be alleviated when we add moisture to our cells.

But moisture isn’t just water. Otherwise, I’d tell you to go jump in the swimming pool and all your dry skin would be fixed. That’s why I suggest TNS ceramide Treatment Cream ® by Skin Medica. Another good one is CeraVe® by Coria Laboratories, or Triceram Cream® by Osmotics Corporation. (If you feel uncomfortable using Parabens, then know that Triceram® has them in its formulation but it’s not a concern I worry about).
So, start replacing lost skin oils and start moisturizing your body now. Your skin really does crave it this time of year. You’ll instantly feel better and start looking more beautiful

Want To See Yourself In 20 Years?

in 20 years

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Have you ever wondered what you might look like in twenty years? Me to. That’s me above. Now I’m not so sure, but thanks to computer magic, you can see yourself twenty or even thirty years from now.

A facial detection software company has designed software that will age you twenty or even thirty years at the click of a mouse. Kind of scary.

Just click this link right here:  http://www.in20years.com and choose your gender, current age, and whether you want to see yourself in twenty or thirty years.

It’s easy, you just answer the questions about age and gender then upload a current photo of yourself. Then, out pops you, only older! Are you brave enough to try? I tried it, and the proof is right above this article.

It’s not just for fun and entertainment though. Its a great way for you to see first hand the potential challenges you may face. In my case, I could see my already deepening nasal labial folds, which are the angular lines going from the middle of my nose to the corners of my mouth, getting much deeper. So…That’s an area I will concentrate on building up with a filler like Sculptra by Sanofi Aventis that will help grow more natural collagen in that area.

Try it for yourself and let me know what you think…If your brave enough!

Beauty and the Botox® Bandit

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

There is a woman known in South Florida as the Botox®-Bandit. Unfortunately, this title was earned. She made a habit of going into Spas and medical offices, receiving Botox® injections and then skipping out on the bill. I just wonder who she is going to impress in prison with her wrinkle-free face.

Seriously, I know that times are tough, and beauty enhancements may seem like the last thing you can afford in this economy. People are sacrificing their anti-aging treatments because they think they can’t afford it. But the truth is, where there’s a will there’s a way. Let me show you the honest way because no one needs to stoop to being a Botox® Bandit to stay beautiful.

Even on a budget, you can receive top quality service at a discounted price. Many offices will offer a reduction off the final bill if you combine it with something else. Rarely is this published; but it is frequently honored if you merely ask. Do not hesitate to request it. For instance, let’s say you go into a high-end office for a few procedures and they charge you the published price for Restylane®, Botox®, and some Radiesse®. My advice would be for you to say, “Since I’ve purchased so many treatments at one time, aren’t I entitled to a discount?” Nine times out of ten, you will get it. I know we keep an open line of communication about pricing with my patients. I appreciate them and want to keep them happy.

With so many providers out there to choose from, it’s important to us as professionals to keep our clientele happy. If we don’t, we shouldn’t be surprised if they search for someone else a block away.

So be savvy. And if your current office is not accommodating your needs- budgetary or otherwise, seek another office. The economy, though horrible in many ways, can be your biggest ally when negotiating a better rate for services.

Emergency Beauty Fixes

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

If you find yourself in need of a quick makeover- here’s some great tips to look recharged and ready- even if your big plans are just hours away.

First- if you notice some dull facial lines appearing, go get a Dysport® treatment. Dysport® , marketed by Medicis® , is a great alternative to Botox® as it also relaxes those wrinkles, but you don’t have to wait as long to see it’s effects. Botox® is great, don’t get me wrong, but it may take 3 days before you see it starting to work. Dysport® , on the other hand, has the unique ability to display much of its power at erasing lines as early as the next day. That’s why I love to suggest Dysport® as a Quick Fix for a face that looks refreshed and younger almost immediately.

Have you ever applied your makeup, only to find you look worse instead of better? Maybe you need a microdermabraision. When done by an expert, your skin will appear flawless for several days after and your makeup will glide like silk over your face. Microdermabrasion is an inexpensive facial treatment that can have you looking like you just came back rested from vacation. Your skin will love you for it. All those old dead skin cells will “magically” disappear, leaving you with a healthy, glowing face to shine at the world.

How’s your smile? Do you have those little lines around your mouth that makes you look older whenever you grin? Those etchings around our lips may have a cute name like “smile lines” but if they bother you, they’re nothing to smile about. I have a treatment I call the Million Dollar Smile. With a small amount of defining, heating, peeling and relaxing, your mouth will look years younger. Now that’s something to smile about! And it can be done today and noticeable by tomorrow.

My last tip is to take a look at your fingernails. Many times a manicure looks great as you’re walking out the salon door, but you chip the polish as soon as your key hits the ignition switch. This can be a real bummer. I advise my patients to try the new Gel polish by OPI® . This polish won’t wear off, and it glistens a week later as if it were just applied. If you’re hard on your hands, this is the perfect answer to avoid chipped, dull polish.

Marvelous Mondays

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Mondays must be the most despised day of the week. It really gets no respect! Most people with a 9-5 five day work week look at Mondays as something they simply have to endure and get through. Even the popular motto- “I don’t do Mondays” shows how many try to ignore it, bypass it, or suffer through it at best.

But I’d like you to consider Monday a blessing instead of a curse. Even that blasted alarm clock that rings you awake should be met with enthusiasm, not dread.

Since perception is everything, start viewing Mondays as a chance for a new start instead of that dreaded woe is me feeling. By making this mind-change, you may actually begin to welcome Mondays on your calendar.

By doing a few subtle changes, like getting up 15 minutes earlier on Monday mornings and going out to dinner on Monday nights, you may find yourself looking forward to a new week.

As far as your work schedule, in the past, maybe you put off jobs last week and now you are faced with them first thing Monday morning. What if you decided to stop putting off all those things and freed up Monday for new beginnings? By accomplishing those nasty tasks the week before, you can plan a bit on Monday and breathe easier the rest of the week knowing things are more under control.

Another thing I’ve learned is the power of positive reinforcement. Let’s face it, most people tend to be happier and more pleasant on Fridays because they know the weekend is around the corner. But what if you switched things up a bit. Instead of being depressed and complaining like the general public does on a typical Monday, you are instead extra nice. Think of how much you will stand out from the pack of groaners if you are the happiest one in the room. Just an extra smile, or a touch of kindness may be all thats required to do this.

By taking charge of Mondays and regrouping- you will begin to change your whole week- for the better! Give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Quick Hints To Look Great

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Living in South Florida is really humid and sticky. Many nights you may want to dress up, but it’s simply too hot to put on pantyhose. My suggestion for a great looking pair of legs, no matter where you live, is to try Nyce © Legs Spray On Instant Nylons. You will get the great look of a suntan without the sun’s damaging rays. And this sleek, smooth, mineral-based cover-up will hide all those flaws, real or imagined, you may have about your legs. It’s a great alternative. And though it may run you 15 dollars, it won’t run up your leg like a snag will. Try it for a great way to look tanned and sexy.

Do you have a bruise that shows and you’d prefer it hidden? First, start eating some pineapple. Pineapples contain bromelain; a natural anti-clotting and anti-inflammation fighter. Next, apply a warm moist compress to your bruised area. By doing these two things, you’ll increase the circulation which will help clear the debris (bruise) more rapidly than if you did nothing at all.

Now for the dreaded cold sore. You can usually tell when one is about to appear. If you notice the signs, the best advice is to see your health care practitioner to get a prescription for an anti-viral medication. That way you’ve got it on hand and can use it immediately when you feel one coming on. If you prefer an over the counter treatment, many have seen positive results from the supplement L-Lysine. The prescribed recommended dosage is generally 3 grams daily and has shown to be somewhat effective in preventing or mitigating the outbreak.

If you’d like to make your eyes appear sexier and softer, then don’t ignore your eyelashes. Extending your lashes will add a bit of “wow” to your look. Beautiful eyelashes will make others notice you look great, but they can’t exactly pinpoint what you’ve done. It’s one of those “little” things you can do to your appearance that can go a “long way”. Consider making your lashes longer. Eyelashes definitely make a complete finishing touch!

Look Younger On A Budget

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

One thing I’ve noticed lately is how tired, angry or worried today’s working woman appears. Though I realize times are tougher than ever, it’s important to not look worn out, and thats what I see. I suggest investing in a little Botox. A little goes a long way and when done well, and no one can guess you had it done. Your face, especially those furrowed brows and crinkled crow’s feet, will appear relaxed and smooth. Where co-workers once saw a stressed-out, worried woman, they’ll now believe you’re relaxed and totally in control. Something you definitely want to portray before you go ask for that raise!

Another tell-tell sign easily fixed but often ignored are gray roots. We have all seen the “line of demarcation” when the color has grown out, and our real color-(washed out gray)- comes shining through. This is not a look that screams I’m confident and taking care of myself. Instead, it screams of apathy and disinterest in your personal appearance. If you can’t make it to your hairdresser when the roots start coming through, buy a leave-in color rinse, a root-touch up box, or a color stick until you can make an appointment. Remember, vibrant, beautiful women don’t have gray roots.

I also meet many women who are tired of living with old sun damage. I see more than most doctors do because I live in South Florida. Most of my patients are pleasantly surprised to discover there are relatively easy fixes to the uneven tone and multiple brown spots that have popped up on their face. Going to a cosmetic medical provider and getting some IPL (intense pulsed light) and some Retin-A or other retinoid will go a long way in reversing the sun damage and improving your skin tone. The retinoids actually make your skin look younger, not just more even!

Do you find your eyes are drooping more than you’d like? If surgery is not an option for those lids, consider some eye-lid strips from http://www.victoriamcgill.com/ContourStrips.php. These are easy to apply, and work like magic. Restore the youthful eyes of your past within seconds.

Lastly, practice physical exertion on a regular basis. If you want to look younger and feel better start exercising. It’s easy to recognize when someone takes care of their body with training. And I’m not talking muscles here. People who work out tend to move better, have less joint problems, a healthier glowing complexion and overall healthier skin. Usually even their mental state tends to be a little more relaxed, because they’ve found another outlet to relieve stress through running, biking, swimming or whatever keeps them active. If you’d like to get yourself a better toned, fit body- head to the gym or around your neighborhood track. You’ll be surprised at how much younger you can begin to look and feel if you just start working out!

Look Great In No Time!

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

If a traditional workweek of Monday through Friday 9 to 5 sounds like a dream job compared to what you actually have, I fully understand. My former life in hospital health care yielded no holidays, weekends or special events. Those were my busiest times! But still, the typical idea of Fridays as being the time to let loose and let go holds true for most women today.

So how do you make yourself beautiful for a big event or special night you just found out about?

Photo Finish Foundation Primer by Smashbox is a product that comes highly recommended. In fact, my Medical Assistant is constantly giving it rave reviews to my patients. While she does refer to it as “spackle” for the face, she says so lovingly, because it is able to fill in flaws. I must admit, it does look very elegant and it really works.

If you think you may need more than a cover up and want to really relax those expressive wrinkles, consider Dysport®. Your cosmetic practitioner can inject you with this muscle relaxer made by Medicis and you could start seeing results by the next day. I’ve even had clients tell me they could feel Dysport® starting to work in as little as 12 hours, compared to Botox® which generally takes 3 days to begin its effectiveness.

Have you ever had red irritated skin? Or maybe you had your eyebrows waxed and ended up with bright red, welt-like areas above your eyes? A great product I’ve witnessed firsthand at helping to alleviate this irritation, along with the burning sensation, is Revaleskin® Intense Recovery Treatment. It is made of a potent concentration of super-antioxidant Coffeeberry® extract. This fabulous skin care product really soothes your skin and gets your face back to normal in a matter of minutes! This is truly something great to have on hand in your medicine cabinet for emergencies.

Now that you know how to prepare yourself for those spontaneous events, get going and Have Fun!

One Minute Eye Lift!

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

This is the best way to get a quick lift without having to undergo blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). You’ll be amazed at what you see and you will literally get an Eye Lift in Under A Minute!

This is truly amazing news. You can now look fresher, brighter, and younger in under a minute. If your tired eyes and heavy lids are getting you down, then consider the 30 second eye lift. It’s achieved by injecting Botox® or Dysport® in precise spots around the eye area. It will lift your eyebrows along with your upper lids by about 1 to 2 millimeters. Though this may not sound like a lot, it makes a dramatic wonderful difference. I need to caution you though, this is a bit tricky and should only be done by an expert injector. You don’t want the lift causing you to look like Mr. Spock from Star Trek.

By performing a little tweak here and there, the change will produce a fresh, well-rested look. And don’t we all crave that? Let’s face it; most people begin to suffer from heavy hooding due to age, eye movement and heredity. When our eye lids are heavy, we look tired. This weight actually presses on our eyelid muscles causing us to not only look tired, but actually feel more tired. As the day wears on, it gets worse and worse until by day’s end you are almost looking under a visor on a hat.

But there is a way to stop this vicious cycle. By using a muscle relaxer, you can keep heavy lids at bay.

If this sounds like something you need, why are you putting it off? The procedure takes less than a minute- but the results take off years!

Does Dysport® Work Faster than Botox®?

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

We all want our wrinkles to appear less noticeable and that’s why Botox has become such a staple in our anti-aging fight. But now, you might not have to wait for it to work- you may find visible improvement within a couple of days!

Whenever one of my patients requests a quick fix and asks for Botox, I’ve started telling them about a new muscle relaxant, Dysport. I still love Botox® and the great results it produces, but a new product called Dysport® (formerly called Reloxin® by Medicis) is also showing great success.

Now that I’ve treated many patients with this muscle relaxant, I can truthfully say that I could see changes quicker with Dysport® than with Botox®. Some of those receiving the injections noted their wrinkles becoming less prominent within 24 hours!

As I’ve stated before, both work great- but if you want to see results even faster, ask for Dysport® for your next treatment and see what you think.

Fillers Are The Magic Potion for Aging

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Enhancing, erasing, and eliminating are just a few of the many wonders that can be achieved with the right Filler. This is isn’t your mom’s collagen filler from the 80’s- they’re new and improved, and you won’t believe your eyes, or your lips, or your forehead….

Fillers have certainly grown up since the 80’s. And while some practitioners may still use some form of the collagen previously used in past generations, there have been enormous improvements since then. I recommend using the latest, newest fillers, because quite frankly, they build better and last longer. You can use them to fill tiny indentations that are hardly noticeable, or use them to build back lost volume in your entire face. You’ll look younger and it works fast!

So what are the names of these new magic potions?

Evolence®, Restylane® Perlane® and Juvederm® are topping the charts along with Sculptra®.
So what can these Fillers do exactly?

They can:
” Enhance a specific area, like your lips.
” Make subtle, yet important changes to increase facial volume.
” Erase those tiny lines around the mouth or eyes.
” Eliminate creases in the eyebrow area
” Make wrinkles disappear

Wow, you are probably saying. If it can do all that, where can I get some of this?

Your local Cosmetic medical practice, dermatologist or trained practitioner is who I’d recommend talking to.

But first, let me caution you about using the correct filler for your needs! Whenever you are speaking with someone, please remember that the skill of the practitioner with that particular filler is the single most important part of the equation. If you have someone who is not trained to insert it correctly, you may end up with a bulge or line where you didn’t want it. Sometimes, an enhanced blue area can even show up if it’s done improperly.

Each brand and product has a specific formulation to achieve it’s goals. There are slight differences between Sculptra®, Juvederm®, Evolence® and the others, resulting in different molecule sizes. Some, like Sculptra®, not only fill in the problem area, but can increase your body’s collagen growth at the same time. This is a great thing, because it will produce a longer lasting result.

In my practice, I evaluate each person carefully, seeing exactly what they need, before recommending a filler. A good practitioner will take the depth of the facial structure, the muscle tone, the speed of result desired, and many other factors into play before choosing the perfect fit for you.
That being said, if you have a capable practictioner injecting your filler, you should receive beautiful, predictable results.

So remember this when you schedule your appointment. You don’t want to just get a filler, you want the filler that is made specifically for your needs injected by a skilled professional!

Is Plastic Surgery for You?

Dr. Morello & Dr. Marting

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Deciding to have plastic surgery is a tough choice for anyone to make. But first and foremost, I always stress to my friends and patients to make sure you do the research before allowing someone to perform surgery on you. Ask around for recommendations from friends and colleagues.

Then make sure that the surgeon you are contemplating has a strong background in the type of surgical improvement or enhancement you are desiring. For instance, if you are considering an eye lift, don’t settle for a plastic surgeon who may have done a great job on your friend’s neck lift but hasn’t done as many eye surgeries. Go to someone who has experience and a history with eye lifts.

Some of my BeautifulRightNow.com members may not be aware of my incredible collaborator, Dr. Daniel Morello. Dr. Morello has offices in the Palm Beach Anushka Spa and Cosmedical Center, as well as in New York City and on Long Island. Dr. Morello completed his full general surgery residency, and then went on to study under the world-renowned Dr. John Marquis Converse at the Institute for Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at the New York University Medical Center.

In addition to private practice, Dr. Morello has lectured throughout the world, taught extensively, and has authored numerous books and articles. Though many of you may not know him by these accolades, you may know him from the popular ABC hit television show- Extreme Makeover. On those shows, Dr. Morello truly transformed the lives of those he touched. Below you will find a photo of a beautiful lady that was featured on one of the Extreme Makeover shows. I won’t even bother to label the photos before and after. I’ll let you decide how many years his skill was able to remove. Incredible!

When any of my patients seek counsel on plastic surgery options, I love showing them Before and After photos from the hundreds of photos that Dr. Morello has collected over his 30 plus years practicing plastic surgery.It’s truly amazing to see the transformations he is able to achieve on his patients.

If my patient decides to schedule a consultation with Dr. Morello, I’m almost as excited as the patient when I introduce them. His warm, natural, caring nature combined with his stellar expertise is a combination that is hard to find.

If you have any questions about whether you are ready for this big step, just let me know. I will help in any way possible. If travel to Palm Beach, FL or New York is not possible, contact me and I will try to help narrow your search for a qualified surgeon in your area.

How do Muscle Relaxants like Botox® and Dysport® Work?

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

It’s no secret that Botox ® works wonders on facial features, but did you know that Botox ® is not really a product, but a specific trade name? And it’s not the only one being used to remove wrinkles, there are others, they just aren’t as well-known. I liken it to asking for a Kleenex, when there are other tissues on the market.

Since what you really are buying is the product,(in this case- the neuromuscular blocking agent),then wouldn’t you want to understand how it works?

Well, believe or not, neuromuscular blocking agents have been used for years to treat and eliminate muscle spasms in many parts of the body. It’s even been used for treating excessive perspiration under the armpits, and on the palms and soles of feet. Finding its use as a wrinkle-reducing agent was merely a pleasant side-effect discovered when treating those other conditions.

Muscle relaxers were mainly being used to treat the glabella (the area between the eyes where you get the angry 11’s. For several years, Botox®, owned by Allergan, had been the only botulinum toxin type A approved for cosmetic aesthetics in the United States.

Then in March 2009, a new muscle relaxant, Dysport® was approved. Dysport® is distributed by Medicis, the same company that makes hyaluronic acid fillers known as Restylane® and Perlane®. Dysport® had been sold for years in South America and Europe before gaining approval in the U.S., so it’s not new to the cosmetic market; just to the United States.

So, what do they do exactly? Though there are small differences between Botox® Cosmetic and Dysport’s® botulinum toxin type A formulas, they both work in pretty much the same way. An experienced professional will inject the formula into the offending area to “relax” the muscle. As the muscle relaxes, wrinkles diminish.

Just don’t expect the results to happen immediately. Most results take 7 days to be noticeable with Botox®, while Dysport® seems to be quicker with onset of activity around 3-5 days.

The results that muscle relaxants achieve give your face a less wrinkled appearance. They can be used on forehead lines to get rid of the angry look that appears between your eyes. They help crows feet, and even help a sagging neck. One word of caution- only a trained practictioner should be injecting you with Botox® or Dysport®! Yes, I’ve heard of the Botox parties, but I have also heard some horror stories. Just say NO!

Now back to how they work. Every muscle in your body reacts and interrelates to another, especially facial muscles. As each muscle relaxes, others may compensate. This is why someone can’t just go in and inject a forehead and get rid of the lines. They have to think about what happens inside the muscles of the eyebrows, the cheeks, and the eyelids as well. You don’t want to end up looking like Spock with pulled up eyebrows, even if your forehead is smooth and wrinkle-free. Or worse yet, have one eye drooping and the other wide open. And, believe me, it happens daily with unskilled practitioners.

Botox® and Dysport® are wonderful at helping you achieve a natural, younger appearance. As long as you use a well-trained practitioner, you should be thrilled with the results. And most results can last up to six months. I’ve found it to be well-worth the effort to maintain that youthful beautiful, stress-free appearance. By using a neuromuscular blocking agent, you’ll definitely look more relaxed. And younger!

How Much Does Botox® Cost?

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

If you’re as tired as I am of seeing all the different ads with confusing prices for Botox®, I am glad you’re here.

Now more than ever, it’s important to get our money’s worth. Today’s economy has hit all of us and that’s why it’s critical you understand what you’re paying for with Botox® and Dysport®. It’s ironic really, the hard times are probably causing us to stress more and creating more wrinkles, and that’s why we need Botox® more than ever! Of course, no one wants to spend more than they have to, and everyone wants the results they’re paying for.

In this short video, you’ll learn more about Botox® made by Allergan and Dysport® made by Medicus. Both of these muscle relaxants work by relaxing the muscles and causing your wrinkles to magically disappear. You’ll learn how practitioners sell this product in different measurements using various terminologies. This is something you really should be familiar with before you walk into an office asking about treatments. You need to be informed to truly get your money’s worth.
Watch the video below to learn about the various facial sites, units, dilutions, syringes, vials and more. I made the video for one of my other websites, but its popularity has been overwhelming!

Get Rid Of Crows Feet With Botox!

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Botox has almost become a common term for all muscle relaxers. Actually there are two main brands on the market, Botox and Dysport. Both are similar in content, so this article doesn’t make a distinction between the two.

Now…Let’s call these smile lines what they really are-wrinkles. The other less flattering term for these lines are “crows feet.”

Just look at the top and bottom photo. They were taken about 3 weeks apart. A carefully administered Dysport treatment was all she needed to erase years, restoring that youthful look she thought was gone forever. A muscle relaxer, properly used, can make years disappear for anyone wanting to remove those aging wrinkles and crows feet. Now she can show off those beautiful blue eyes with no wrinkles!

Before and after Dysport muscle relaxer

Now- let’s call these smile lines what they really are-wrinkles. To quote Shakespeare, “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Clearly, what matters is what something is, not what it is called. So, stop nicknaming the areas on your face.

You can use Botox® or Dysport® and rid yourself of those annoying wrinkles. It doesn’t matter if you acquired them from years of sun exposure, free radical damage, natural aging or just plain smiling all the time. They’re still there. Keep the memories, but lose the proof!

Take a quick look at the video below. In it, I explain how Botox®, Dysport® and anti-oxidants can remove those wrinkles. If you still have doubts or concerns, feel free to post a comment and I’ll reply to any questions you may have.

How Long Will Botox® Last?

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Here is the question I am always asked-
“Once I get Botox® (or Dysport®), can I expect weeks, months, or years before it has to be done again?

I perform lots of Botox® and Dysport® injections in my office. These popular neuro-muscluar relaxants are wonderful at removing and reducing wrinkles and will keep even prevent more from cropping up.

How long the treatment lasts before another round is needed depends on several variables. Sit back and relax as I explain on this video how it works and what you can expect on average with you try these great anti-aging products!

Does Botox Have Side Effects?

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

I’m frequently asked if Botox® (or Dysport) has side effects.

In this country alone,it has become so popular in the cosmetic industry to combat wrinkles, more and more people are having it done, and having it done repeatedly. This has caused many people to be concerned if it’s safe for continual use.

Watch this short, easy to understand video where I’ll answer your questions, and alleviate any of your concerns .

Botox® or Filler? Which is best?

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

To many people, the difference between Botox and a facial filler is hard to grasp, and may even think facial fillers are one and the same.

Watch this short video where I’ll explain the differences between a neuro-muscular relaxant like Botox® and Dysport® and why they should be administered to some parts of the face but not others. Then I’ll explain how the popular fillers like Juvederm®, Evolence® and Sculptra® work on those other areas, giving you volume.

Together, the careful application of using Botox® or Dysport® along with a filler will enhance the results you are looking for.

Choosing The Right Hair Color For You

Shawn Butner, Master Colorist at Anuhska Spa and Cosmedical Centre is one of the best hair color experts in the world. In this short Q and A session, we discuss hair color and how to choose the right shade to bring out your natural beauty.

Get Rid Of Puffy Eye Fat Pads

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Was “Eye” Born With Them? Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Seriously, first lets talk about why you may have puffy eyes. Are yours the result of genetics?

If you are one of the millions who wake up frequently with puffy eyes, then you realize just how difficult it can be to alleviate those pockets. If you were born with an excess of fatty tissue under your eyes, these fat pads are never going to go away with a topical treatment. The only way to remove this is by surgery and even that will leave you with a small scar under your eyes. That’s when you must choose which look bothers you most- scarring or puffiness?

If the puffiness is not due to excessive genetic fat pads, then it is most likely the result of unwelcome fluid that has accumulated under the fine skin tissue below your eyes. In many ways, that is good news- because you don’t need to consider surgery.

These are the puffy questions I’m most often asked to solve. Unfortunately, there are gazillions of home remedies and common sense ideas you could incorporate, but the truth of the matter is…there is no good cure at this time.

Now I know many of you swear by cold cucumber slices, cold vinegar, and Preparation H®. Many celebrities swear that Preparation H® (a hemorrhoid cream) applied on the puffy under eye area will shrink the swelling. Many thought the phenylephrine which is in today’s formulation is the ingredient responsible for reducing the puffiness, but the yeast extract found only in the Canadian-sold combination seems to be what really works. The brand name is called Bio Dyne®, and if you live in Canada, give it a try for shrinking those puffs. Otherwise I hate to tell you- there is not much help out there yet.

An ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure
So if you can’t treat it effectively, the next best thing is to try to prevent it. Short of sleeping upright, I’d make sure you are increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables and drinking enough water to stay healthily hydrated. Reduce your salt and alcohol intake, though it has been shown a small amount of red wine can have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Since inflammation is probably the leading cause of your puffiness, by eating and drinking healthier, you’re more likely to have less swelling.

Another prevention measure is to use a good eye cream. This will help keep the eye tissue rejuvenated and firmer which will help nourish that thin skin under your eyes. I recommend Revale Replenishing Therapy or Vivite Revitalizing Eye Cream.

Lastly, don’t stress over the puffiness. The more stress you feel, the less sleep you’ll get -and that will only cycle into more puffy eyes in the a.m. hours!

Get Rid Of Frizzie Hair

Boy, do I know how it is to have curly, frizzy hair. Until I discovered Shawn and the way he can make the frizzie’s go away, I thought I was doomed for life! Shawn is an expert who uses a variety of methods including Brazilian and Keratin treatments to give you straight, silky tresses, just like you always wanted.In this video, we talk about the problem of frizzy hair and how he works his magic.

Smear It On And Look 10 Years Younger Tomorrow!

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

One only has to flip through a magazine, turn on the TV or scan the internet to find the latest fad promising anti-aging results in a cream. If only all those claims we read and see on the advertisements were true! There are literally thousands of skin creams out there, all promoting their anti-aging effectiveness. But let’s face it (pun intended)- if all the claims were true, none of us would look a day over 20.
So some of the questions I’m often asked are: “Do any creams exist that really do help the wrinkles and lines that come with aging?” or this one: “Do any of the regular lotions that the average woman uses have any real effect at all?”
Watch this video where I’ll explain how Retinoids, Obagi®, free radicals, anti-oxidants and other treatments are being used today. You may discover what you can STOP spending your hard-earned money on, and what you can do right now to make yourself look better.

Fillers Erase Years Fast!

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

If you’re like most women who look in the mirror noticing a more tired and drawn apperance, then I’ve got great news for you. There are ways to bring back the rounded cheeks, fuller mouth, and youthful glow that you’ve been missing.
As we age, we lose the collagen, bone, and facial volume that helped give our skin its’ young appearance. But with the passage of time, the skin begins to sag, the area under our eyes and around our cheekbones grow more prominent, and soon we’re looking at a much thinner, drained, saggy reflection.
The good news is we can restore much of our glory days with the help of fillers. In this video, I’ll explain why our facial volume erodes over time, and how correctly administered amounts of fillers can help us regain the plumper, youthful version of our former self.

What is Collagen?

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Is Collagen A Filler? Well, yes and no. The words collagen and fillers are used frequently when we talk about getting years erased by eliminating wrinkles. Fillers can be collagen, but don’t necessarily have to be.

We are born with Collagen in our skin. It makes up the majority of the dermis, that lies just under the skin’s surface. When we say our skin is “aging”, what we are seeing is wrinkles, but this also equates to collagen deterioration. As collagen deteriorates, we get the wrinkles, lines, and general sagging in the skin.

Though there have been a variety of products telling you they replace collagen, most were based more on selling something, and not giving you actual results. I remember the collagen facial of the 80’s, which is still being used today. It sounded great until you realized the results were just not there.

That’s when the pharmaceutical companies realized we needed to actually inject Collagen back in to replace lost volume. Unfortunately, when injectable collagen first came out, it sometimes only lasted days before the body re-absorbed the injected collagen, creating no real lasting results.

There have been many advances since then; in both collagen products and how it is mixed with the latest in man made filler materials. New collagen injectables can now last an average of six months to perhaps as much as a year.
Also, injection techniques and equipment have improved. In years past, Collagen was injected deeply into the skin layer. But now practitioners are trained to inject it into a more superficial plane so it will bind to what you already have.

Keep in mind, collagen is not an injection that flows into our system like a vaccination in our arm. It remains in the specific injected area, binding itself to our existing collegen, until it is later absorbed into our system. Most collagen injections are used to fill in lines and deep wrinkles, or enhance facial features.

As you and your practitioner look into what may be best for you, please remember that the skill of the practitioner as an injector is the single most important part of the equation. An improperly placed filler will show a bulge or line, or even exacerbate the very thing it was supposed to correct. And if something like this does happen, it will not go away over the weekend. The unwelcome result will remain until the body’s natural absorption process has acquired it all back into it’s system.