Get Rid Of Puffy Eye Fat Pads

Dr. Bonnie Marting DNP ARNP

Dr. Bonnie Marting

Was “Eye” Born With Them? Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Seriously, first lets talk about why you may have puffy eyes. Are yours the result of genetics?

If you are one of the millions who wake up frequently with puffy eyes, then you realize just how difficult it can be to alleviate those pockets. If you were born with an excess of fatty tissue under your eyes, these fat pads are never going to go away with a topical treatment. The only way to remove this is by surgery and even that will leave you with a small scar under your eyes. That’s when you must choose which look bothers you most- scarring or puffiness?

If the puffiness is not due to excessive genetic fat pads, then it is most likely the result of unwelcome fluid that has accumulated under the fine skin tissue below your eyes. In many ways, that is good news- because you don’t need to consider surgery.

These are the puffy questions I’m most often asked to solve. Unfortunately, there are gazillions of home remedies and common sense ideas you could incorporate, but the truth of the matter is…there is no good cure at this time.

Now I know many of you swear by cold cucumber slices, cold vinegar, and Preparation H®. Many celebrities swear that Preparation H® (a hemorrhoid cream) applied on the puffy under eye area will shrink the swelling. Many thought the phenylephrine which is in today’s formulation is the ingredient responsible for reducing the puffiness, but the yeast extract found only in the Canadian-sold combination seems to be what really works. The brand name is called Bio Dyne®, and if you live in Canada, give it a try for shrinking those puffs. Otherwise I hate to tell you- there is not much help out there yet.

An ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure
So if you can’t treat it effectively, the next best thing is to try to prevent it. Short of sleeping upright, I’d make sure you are increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables and drinking enough water to stay healthily hydrated. Reduce your salt and alcohol intake, though it has been shown a small amount of red wine can have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Since inflammation is probably the leading cause of your puffiness, by eating and drinking healthier, you’re more likely to have less swelling.

Another prevention measure is to use a good eye cream. This will help keep the eye tissue rejuvenated and firmer which will help nourish that thin skin under your eyes. I recommend Revale Replenishing Therapy or Vivite Revitalizing Eye Cream.

Lastly, don’t stress over the puffiness. The more stress you feel, the less sleep you’ll get -and that will only cycle into more puffy eyes in the a.m. hours!

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